Sunday, January 9, 2011

A good listening experience.

I had an outstanding experience at church this morning.   We sang marvelous music-both choir and congregation, the sermon was memorable, and I used an FM assisted listening device.

I have a mild hearing loss (about 20dB with some forays close to 30dB and a spike heading toward 50+dB in the higher frequencies).  It's not enough of a hearing loss for me to use a hearing aid especially as the hearing aids for mild loss amplify everything.  That's the last thing I need in most of my difficult hearing situations-large group settings and live, reverberant rooms.   It is enough of a loss that I misunderstand words and phrases at times and have a great deal of difficulty when there is competing noise.

The FM system at church is just like the type used in the schools.  It uses an FM radio frequency to broadcast from any microphone hooked up on the system into the receiver that I wear.  I get the pastor, the readers, audio from any videos presented, and even the cantor directly into my ear.

It was such joy not to miss parts of the service and sermon.  I'm sure as my excitement abates and this becomes normal I'll be more relaxed during services and I hope I learn or take home a lot more.

I haven't cooked since last weekend.  I'll have to make sure I make up the meals I shopped for yesterday.  I bought chicken for a soup and beef for a stew.   That's my goal for tomorrow evening as we're taking another week off bell choir.

I've done some knitting this weekend.  I finished one of a pair of fingerless mitts and like the look but the thumb hole is too small.  I started two scarves and restarted one of them as the stitch I was using was eating up too much yarn.  I hunted for a different pattern and I'm liking what I found.

12 inches of scarf showing front and back.  It's a simple 4 row lace pattern.

 Seed stitch in black.  I like everything except that the thumb hole is much too small.  Even for someone with smaller hands than mine.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Under Construction

I'm ready to start a new blog but have dithered about a title.  I chose Lori's Week because I haven't found a focus yet.  Maybe it should be called "Keeping up with myself."

Topics will be much the same as Folding Thankfulness.   That blog outlined my daily life and I wrote about family, work, church, ringing and singing, friends, knitting, the flowers in my yard, and reading.    While in my heart the thankfulness sings, making a daily post about being thankful is not the focus of this blog.  Perhaps it's a little less focused but all about my daily life.

Thanks for reading