Friday, September 23, 2011

An Author I Enjoy

I'm about halfway through my 2nd novel by Don Brown.  The first was The Malacca Conspiracy.   I'm now thoroughly enjoying Thunder in the Morning Calm.  I currently have a naval commander, a retired Marine, and a retired South Korean officer making landfall in North Korea after having intentionally ditched an airplane in the sea of Japan, evaded capture by a North Korean naval vessel, and survived a near drowning of one of three.  They are on a mission to substantiate rumors of elderly POWs from the Korean War still being held prisoner by the North.  If they find them they intend to rescue them.

At the same time the story of the prisoners is told and of the commander's family.  Throughout both books characters confront challenges to their faith or lack thereof and their relationship with their God.  It's not done in an "in your face" way but as a natural part of the storyline.

I highly recommend this author for a good read!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Finished

My latest fingerless mitts.  I'm not sure if who they're for.  I liked the yarn and wanted to knit with it!

Friday, September 16, 2011


The wildfires in our area are reaching containment.  The biggest is reported to be 95% contained.  You can almost see the surrounding mountains clearly and the air quality was in the "moderate" range rather than the "unhealthful" range.

I'm also relieved that we haven't cracked 100 degrees once this week.  And, candy corn showed up at the grocery store.  Autumn is scheduled to arrive!

Good for me news this week is that I can and did get a pneumonia shot.  Guidelines have changed in the last few months to include people with asthma in the group recommended to get the vaccine.  Otherwise I would have had to wait until 65.  Whew.

I have to say, though, that this vaccination was not a piece of cake for me as the flu shots have been.  I've been extra tired with muscle and joint aches and it's all pretty normal.  My body is working hard to produce anti-bodies.   This is a good thing and an excellent reason to stay home and knit. 

I finally uploaded photos.  This is from the storm that generated all the lightening strikes that started the local fires and fire complexes.   I like how the dragon fly buzzed into the shot.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fire photos

There's a big fire in the Tehachapi area that started 9/4/11.  You could see the massive plume of smoke from the Antelope Valley.

9/4 Around 6 p.m.  From about 50th and K. 

9/5 Mid-Afternoon

In the top photo the plume is traveling almost due east across the northern part of the Antelope Valley heading toward Dryden.  In the bottom two the plume is traveling south and east into the Antelope Valley.  I started smelling the smoke at "J" leaving Lancaster so I skirted the plume and left via Lancaster Road to 170th.  The Wee Ville Market checker has a perfect view.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Prime Desert Woodland Preserve, Lancaster CA

Dad and I had breakfast out and went for a short walk.

Dad takes a photo:

Father and Daughter

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm having a happy visit with Dad for Labor Day weekend.  We made soup today.  Silly us-making and eating soup on a 100 degree day!  It was yummy but I think the rest should go into the freezer for cooler weather.

Work goes well.  I'm picking up a few extra kids at another school until district hires a new SLP.   I hope we get someone soon.  I'm glad I can help out but it takes more planning that I'm used to doing.  I can't turn around and grab the materials I want from behind me.  Nothing insurmountable but it's just not my style to think 5 steps ahead.

Back to School Night is coming up this Tuesday.  The kids painted some Bees for Ms Bee's room.  I think the freckle faced bee is my favorite.

Knitting update, still can't say: