Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Favorite Pick

3-4 years of using my favorite pick.  Here it is with it's unused back up.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yarnology Adjustable Loom Set

For 14.99 the price is right for a large gauge rake that can be used (maybe) for single knitting and double knitting.  Double knitting for sure but the distance on the end peg on the non-slider end is a bit more than the peg to peg distance on the sides of the rake.  This would likely distort the knitting on this end of the rake.  The pegs on the sides are 3/4 inch apart.  The peg on the end is 1 inch from the pegs on either side of it.   The same goes for the peg on the slider when it's all the way to the end of the loom.   It is situated 3/4 inch from the pegs on each side of the rake when lined up on the peg so you could single knit something up to 61 pegs.

All of that being said, I think this is a very nicely engineered and produced adjustable knitting rake. It's at a large gauge so using bulky and super bulky yarns would be appropriate as well as worsted weight doubled.

The slider moves smoothly and appears to be sturdy.   The pegs are numbered on one side of the rake.   The pick feels sturdy enough not to bend and has a nice feel in the hand.  The loom is lightweight and made of a slightly unfinshed plastic that is not unpleasant to hold.  It stays in the hand rather than sliding out of it.

The loom is about 24 inches in length and has a knitting area of 20.63 inches (according to the box.)  It is 2 inches wide and the distance between the rails is 3/4 inch.

The bottom has little "feet".  

icord/spool knit animals, book

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