Monday, June 24, 2013

Changes, changes......means shopping is needed, right?

I'm going to be in a new position at work next year.  Instead of having a classroom of speech and language kids I will be a school site speech/language therapist.  I'll have my preschoolers and the K-3 kids at my school.   Plus, two offices!  It is very kind and helpful of my principal to let me have part of the room next to the preschool class for office and workspace near the little ones.  It will save hours of walking with preschoolers to get to the "speech room" as the year goes by.

I decided that I'm going to need some kind of rolling cart to take things back and forth so I don't need to have two of any essentials or of my favorite tools and activities.  I've been comparing carts and totes and finally decided on the Crop in Style XXL.   I went with the larger tote on wheels since I'm sure I'll be hauling an assessment or two across campus.   Those things can be bulky to say the least!

After I've used it a fall, I'm sure I'll have some things I like and dislike about it.  My first impressions are good.   It is cavernous.   I will be able to haul what I need to haul.  I'll need to be careful not to over load it.   It looks to be well made and allows for flexibility in use as the dividers in the big inside section are all moveable and removable.

For now it's a new thing and, of course, I took some photos.  For size reference there is a 5" pair of kid type scissors in some of the pictures.

Appears to be well made:

Lots of compartments:

And the outside pockets unzip fully: 

 It even comes with a little lock.  I have no idea if it's useful to have.

 Full dimensions and specs here: Crop In Style Rolling Tote