Sunday, October 7, 2012

Choir Retreat

We had a marvelous weekend at our annual choir retreat at ECCO.  The theme was hymns and several choir members shared devotions based on hymns that were favorites or personally meaningful.  Good singing, good fellowship, good food, great location.

I enjoyed a nature walk before breakfast Saturday and a prayer walk during our individual worship time on Sunday morning.

Leaving Bakersfield

 Saturday morning walk

 Sunday morning just before worship

During my prayer and worship walk.
The retreat center has a little path with the 
Station of the Cross.  This is right at 
the beginning.

It was a different kind of praying to stop 
at each of the stations and ponder over each
step of Jesus' journey to the cross.

At each station I was reminded of different groups
of people.  It was a very rich intercessory