Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School, Round Two

The three year old start was a little rougher than the fours but not unexpected.  I had one* cranky-pants boy, a tiny little girl who only cried a little, a blond headed wiggly boy, a very quiet boy who bonked just before lunch, a sweetie pie coming out of her shell, and the brother to cranky-pants who had a great day. 

I'm exhausted again but don't mind a bit.

*Cranky pants was with me this summer so I know it's not his normal m.o.  Just out of routine.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Today was a very good day.  I'm verrrrry tired but I'll get used to work again.  We had 4 year olds today and all but one were in the class last year.  That last one was only with us during the summer and she doesn't quite have the savvy that the others have.

Coming to speech today was just coming over to Miss Bee's table to play.  We'll knuckle down to work Wednesday.

One of things we teach our 4s is to walk in a line.  They still like to hold hands and so do we but lines are good so we learn to make them.

I love my job!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Can't Say

I'm not sure if the intended recipient of this project reads my blog or not.  So, I can't say what it's going to be.  I can't say who it's for.  Sure is pretty yarn though, isn't it?

Friday, August 19, 2011

What a week

The week began with a mighty fine trip to Santa Clara with younger niece and nephew to visit older niece.  Hilarious drive home but mostly you had to be there.

The fun was quickly followed by news of a dear friend's passing.  Mary was a bell ringer and we will be ringing as a mixed choir of current and former ringers at the memorial service on Sunday.   The bell choir rallied for her daughter and family (long time bell ringer) and have been bringing food and in general being supportive.

Come Wednesday I could no longer avoid thoughts of Back to School as it was time to go back and get the classroom together and plans made.  My assistants came in and offered a lot of help.  The room is in order, ideas are tossed about, and plans are beginning to form.  Good thing-it's Friday already and while everything isn't ready at least the basics are.

I somehow managed to have three knitting projects going all at once.  Two are more involved, for me, patterns but the 3rd is yet another pair of fingerless mitts.  This will be 8 for the year so three more to complete the 11 in 2011 challenge.   I haven't taken pictures yet.  Lately I've been taking photos of finished projects rather than documenting progress.  Hm.

Tomorrow I plan to go to a farmer's market that I didn't know was ongoing and much closer to my home than the "big one" across town.   A few other errands while I'm out but no big plans for the "last Saturday of summer break".  heh

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winding up a summer....

Summer break, that is, not the season.

I seem to be relishing my time off a little more than usual this year.  It makes me wonder if a successful, enjoyable year of teaching makes for a better vacation than a long, sloggy, emotion laden year does.  I didn't have to take so much time to be rested and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and my time visiting.  I could stand a bit more but I guess I need to keep earning a living.

Here are monarch chrysalises that are attached to the siding of my brother/sih's house.  Cooler still you can see the butterfly markings within the chrysalis.  (click on them to see them bigger.)

I found this doll at the Bennett's Honey Store in Fillmore:

She'll come to work to live in "Ms Bee's" room.  I've got quite a theme going. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Days 3-8, yeah, right....

Well, getting on the computer every other day or so just did not happen.  We had such long days that no one felt like staying up just a little longer.  I've started catching up on all my e-mail and forums but it will take days.  Good thing I've got them.

Before the memories jumble worse than they have I want to document an unexpected part of my journey across the country.  From Monday it seemed that nothing had gone smoothly or happened in a timely manner until we changed our expectations of how the trip needed to be.

I had spent time praying for our trip during my flight to Boston and many arrow prayers while we all worked on finishing the packing and packing the truck.   I prayed for safety, for way to be eased, for good conversations, for clear solutions to obstacles, for the three of us to be good travelers and good companions.  I had to pray for that last for myself because I'm not always a good traveler and I have been known to melt down several days into a trip from fatigue and not enough recharge time.

God answered my prayers daily and sometimes minute by minute.  I continued to pray these same prayers every morning and during every delay-of which there were many as it appears that the length of I80 is undergoing reconstruction this summer.

During our drive out of Boston I had some time in the car by myself following S and J who were driving the truck.  I decided I needed some noise and started browsing radio stations.  I found multiple classical, public radio, pop, rock, and Christian stations-both talk and music.  I found it odd that I couldn't find a country station but we were in the North East and perhaps listening to country music isn't high on their lists of necessary stations as it is where I live.

At some point in the next day or so I sought out a station with "Jesus music" and enjoyed familiar and unfamiliar music-so much so that I found myself drawn into worship as I drove.  I started noticing the beauty of our country and reveled in praising God along with the artists I was hearing.

It became my joy and my cure for crankiness to take the first shift of the drive by myself in the car, seek out a station with "Jesus music", and then pray, worship, and enjoy starting out.  What was so unexpected was the sense of renewal in and about Worship.  Also unexpected was how much I enjoyed much of what I was hearing on Christian radio.  I have listened now and again and not been drawn in as so much of the music and sentiment offered is trite and shallow.  That type of offering was present but it was easier to ignore during these morning drives.

I also found a wondrous range of music presented by different Christian radio stations from "Praise and Worship", hymns both old and new, pop and rock styled music, and with great enjoyment what sounded like "old timey" gospel music as we traveled through the heartland.  I didn't hear many choir anthems but I imagine I get my fill of those during my time in choir at home.

I developed a couple favorites and need to hunt down titles and artists.  One was along the lines of "What If" and asked what if our troubles are actually God's mercies and the answers to prayer.  (Found: Blessings by Laura Story)  Another was Courageous which I think is by Casting Crowns.  Yet one more had to do with blessings raining on the singer.

God had more for me from this journey than I had thought to imagine or to ask.  I am delighted.