Sunday, November 24, 2013

Choir Retreat

Our choir retreat was postponed this year from early October to this last weekend.  It was lovely to be in the mountains (3500-4000 ft) in autumn rather than late summer.  It was clear and cooler than we're used to with daytime temperatures about 55F and nighttime temperatures getting close to freezing. 

We sang, had Bible study, sang some more, ate, had music class, sang some more, ate, and enjoyed each others company.  It was lovely.

Here is some of the scenery:

The lower sprays of red are pyracantha berries.

Manzanita trunk

Mountain Scrub Jay

Disappointed geese and ducks as I had no treats for them.

 The chapel

My early morning companion, he belongs to someone
on staff at the retreat center.

My retreat buddy


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn, Back Yard

I'll have to take this shot again in morning light.  Awfully bright afternoon.

A.M. pics are not so great, either.  But I do like the "every color" photo.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Tried something new for sinus pain and congestion

I've been very frustrated with repeated sinus infections that don't seem to respond to the usual treatments.   Then, last week, called the doc, talked to the nurse, she promised to call back and didn't.  That's not the story but knowing that it would/could happen led me earlier in the week to look at homeopathic remedies with anti-biotic properties.

I decided to try a grapefruit seed extract nasal spray.   After the first couple doses (3x/day) the right side of my sinuses were clearing up.  It took another 3 doses for the left side to start clearing up.  I'm not feeling 100% better but I'm feeling so much better that it's surprising.   I'm going to keep at it for at least a week just like I would with an anti-biotic and see how it goes. 

I might just be a convert but it's early.   I'm happy enough with it to want to share.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Royal Llama yarn from Kickstarter Project

Fibras Andinas

Soft, soft, soft, I can't possibly type soft enough times to tell what a gorgeous softness this yarn has.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Internet is back!

You didn't even know it was gone, did you.  I had intermittent service and ATT just determined today that the line from house to street is bad and set up a temporary fix and submitted the order for the line to be re-installed.  Whoop!

I've done zero knitting in the last week and a half mostly because I like to knit while watching tv shows or movies on netflix.   Doesn't work so well with intermittent dsl.   I've kept busy in non-tv watching ways.  

I did get a package in the mail today.....YARN!   I supported a Kickstarter for a llama yarn coop in Chile.   I have six skeins of the softest yarn I have ever, ever touched.   Three are dark grey and 3 are a medium brown.   I'll try to get photos in the daylight and post.  Too bad you can't post how something feels.

Work is still, well work.   I'm still struggling to keep up but my intrepid assistant is marvelous at getting me back on task when I get stalled.    We've got our interventions set up and it's twice as many kids as I had hoped to put in groups but it's short term and we'll get through it.   Next year the process will be different and better.

Off to watch an episode of Bones just because I can.