Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mid July

Last week...I had a marvelous time with my Sis-in-heart early in the week.  We went to the Botanic Gardens twice and took a courthouse tour.  I enjoyed both!

Courthouse tour:
In the Mural Room

"Postcard Shot" from the clock tower 
over looking downtown.

Botanic Gardens:

On the drive home I stopped at the State's water demonstration/education building.  I played with my new camera's panorama setting:

Later in the week Sis came for a few days.  We were busy bees.   We put my knitting looms on display in my "computer room" and I helped Sis assemble my new porch swing.

All in all it has been a marvelous week.

I'm adding to this post to say how much I love this porch swing.  This morning I was up early and it was cool and calm outside.  I sat upon my swing, sipped my coffee, and caught up with e-mail and some favorite websites.   Thanks so much to my Sister who had her truck so I could go get this, did the bulk of assembly, and helped me pick the extra cushions.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Early July

There are still apricots on my tree.  I have plenty of time for knitting. And, even time for visiting.  I haven't read much more in Michner's Alaska but I'm enjoying lighter weight reading.

For a friend, there are also pink legwarmers 
underway but I can't find a photo.

 Antelope Acres

Hiding in the shadows at Prime Desert Woodland Preserve
Lancaster, CA

 Sunset looking toward the Carrizo Plain.
A bit of humidity anyone?  
There was a wet ground haze in the fields, too.

 Still picking apricots.

Roses continue to delight.