Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday photos

I had a lovely vacation week with family in the Santa Barbara area with an overnight to Hemet to visit an Aunt.  Here are some of my photos for the week, not quite in order:

Full double rainbow!

 View from Sis' backyard

Ellwood Mesa, just after niece became engaged.

Butterfly Preserve

In Hemet, getting ready to load up a cart for wood.

Gambel's quail

Brunch out in SB

Sis' backyard looking like a fairy woodland.

Snow, near Gorman

A stop to stretch in Ventura


  1. Yeah, our drive through the mountains north of LA was a little dicey on our way down. We hit some minor snow and sleet but it could have been a lot worse. Our drive back through yesterday was fine. I didn't see any snow near Gorman on our way back :)

  2. It melts pretty fast unless there are repeat storms. Once a little snow pack develops the higher elevations are quite pretty. I think my photo was near 5000 ft. level.