Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winding up a summer....

Summer break, that is, not the season.

I seem to be relishing my time off a little more than usual this year.  It makes me wonder if a successful, enjoyable year of teaching makes for a better vacation than a long, sloggy, emotion laden year does.  I didn't have to take so much time to be rested and have thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and my time visiting.  I could stand a bit more but I guess I need to keep earning a living.

Here are monarch chrysalises that are attached to the siding of my brother/sih's house.  Cooler still you can see the butterfly markings within the chrysalis.  (click on them to see them bigger.)

I found this doll at the Bennett's Honey Store in Fillmore:

She'll come to work to live in "Ms Bee's" room.  I've got quite a theme going. 

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