Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Changed my mind...stitch patterns for the Temperature Scarf

I swatched the stitch pattern I thought I wanted and changed my mind.  Then I swatched 8-10 more stitch patterns and didn't like them.   I was about to go back to garter stitch when I decided to try seed stitch.  It's like garter stitch but roomier with little more interest. 

I finally cast on yesterday and have knit about half of January's days.

  • Every two rows=1day.
  • I'm still working on neat color changes.
  • The scarf should end up around 72 inches long.  
  • Each color represents a range of 7 degrees in Fahrenheit.
Somewhere along the way I revised my temperature ranges and the order of my colors.  Pink was supposed to be magenta.   Instead of re-ordering yarn I rearranged the order of the colors.

In Fahrenheit:
  1. 40-46 Light Blue
  2. 47-53 Dark Blue
  3. 54-60 Pink
  4. 61-67 Light Green
  5. 68-75 Light Purple
  6. 75-81 Dark Green
  7. 82-88 Dark Purple
  8. 89-95 Yellow
  9. 96-102 Orange
  10. 103+ Red
This is about half of January's temperatures, quite moderate.

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