Monday, July 21, 2014

Impulse purchase

I've been wanting a loom from Cottage Looms for quite a while.  I recently did some swatching on my KB Sock Loom which has similar pegs and it didn't go so badly.   The sock loom is a little hard for me to hold.   So I ordered wanting a loom easier to hold.  It came in under a week!  I'm so impressed with their speediness.

The loom is made of walnut or oak and is somewhat heftier in feel than my favorite Cindwoods.    The cotter pin pegs are tall and nicely placed.   The wood is beautifully cut, sanded, and polished.  The gauge is "small gauge" which is 3/8th inch peg spacing.   Cottage seems to be following the peg spacing labels of the now defunct Decor Accent Knitting Looms.  

I'm looking forward to using this but it will have to wait until I finish a couple other projects.  I'm not one to keep a lot of unfinished projects or have several going at once.

The loom measures 18"x9" and has 108 pegs/pins.

The pick has the look and feel of a dental instrument. 
It's sturdy and sharp.  I'll need to pad it or make a sculpy
type handle.

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