Monday, September 5, 2011

Fire photos

There's a big fire in the Tehachapi area that started 9/4/11.  You could see the massive plume of smoke from the Antelope Valley.

9/4 Around 6 p.m.  From about 50th and K. 

9/5 Mid-Afternoon

In the top photo the plume is traveling almost due east across the northern part of the Antelope Valley heading toward Dryden.  In the bottom two the plume is traveling south and east into the Antelope Valley.  I started smelling the smoke at "J" leaving Lancaster so I skirted the plume and left via Lancaster Road to 170th.  The Wee Ville Market checker has a perfect view.  


  1. Good Heavens! If we saw something like that here in Kansas, we would all be lined up snapping photos,filling our bathtubs with water and spraying water on everything the hoses could possibly reach! That is horrible looking :( Is this an area in Texas? Have been following the terrible drought down there on the news. Praying for help from our LORD!

  2. Thanks, Jolene, I know God was merciful as a friend's sister's house was threatened and was not lost. Fewer homes were lost than anticipated. This is in California about 90 minutes N/E of Los Angeles.