Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm having a happy visit with Dad for Labor Day weekend.  We made soup today.  Silly us-making and eating soup on a 100 degree day!  It was yummy but I think the rest should go into the freezer for cooler weather.

Work goes well.  I'm picking up a few extra kids at another school until district hires a new SLP.   I hope we get someone soon.  I'm glad I can help out but it takes more planning that I'm used to doing.  I can't turn around and grab the materials I want from behind me.  Nothing insurmountable but it's just not my style to think 5 steps ahead.

Back to School Night is coming up this Tuesday.  The kids painted some Bees for Ms Bee's room.  I think the freckle faced bee is my favorite.

Knitting update, still can't say:

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