Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lenten Project, Week 1

It's been quite a week.  I had a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning that has tempered a bit but my commitment is still high.  I didn't get done everything I wanted to get done this last week but I got a lot done.  The kitchen feels better and in some ways works better.  The dining room isn't finished but the table is better.

I found two year old accouterments of preparing, storing, and arranging doses of Mom's meds.  I threw away all of it except the little blue overnight case.  I also found address books from my aunt and uncle that I've had for 3 1/2 years and have done nothing with.  I realized paging through them that I wouldn't know a friend from a service person in their books.  I also realized that the only person who has attempted contact is a cousin of Aunt Verne's.  I've already let them know about my aunt's and uncle's deaths so there was really nothing in those address books to keep.  Gone. 

There are still, as you can see, a few boxes of this and that to go through but they're not all over the place and their day will come, too.

The counter:

The table and microwave cart.

 What got done:  Counter cleaned off, table cleaned off, inside of microwaves cleaned, cart tidied, 2 cupboards rearranged, about a 3rd of the cupboard doors cleaned, wall behind stove and near sink scrubbed, dishwasher door cleaned, oven top and door cleaned.   Not everything from my list but except for not getting to the refrigerator door I'm satisfied. 

How does this relate to Lent and my walk with God?  The mess and clutter in my house cause me to nest on the couch rather than take care of my home or spend serious time in Bible study, thought, and prayer.   It's my goal that changing my home will give me more time and desire to spend more time with God.  Hopefully this gets me one step closer.   I've shot many an arrow prayer that I don't really want to do this right now and please help me with attitude and energy.

Hat follow up from below!  The recipient is thrilled with the color and softness of the hat.  She told me it was her new favorite so I'm going to guess the fit was good too.   Yay!

Oh!  There was some overflow to work on the cleaning and tidying front.  I really wanted my morning group time to work better and I knew the room needed to be rearranged so I just did it.  This week one assistant has helped finish the job and between us we've cleaned some classroom clutter.   The result is that the room looks better, neater, and is more useful.  

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