Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lenten thinking

It's traditional to give something up for Lent, to fast from something you love, to sacrifice in honor of Jesus' sacrifice for us.

We've been challenged this year to add or change something to enhance our relationship with God.  I wasn't much liking this idea until it clicked that my lack of organization at home is in the way of a peaceful life and more time to spend in study, praise, prayer, and with hobbies.

There are six weeks in Lent and I have six big rooms in my house.  I'm going to take a room/week and work on decluttering, getting rid of things I don't love, attempt some organization, and cleaning each one.

I'm under no illusion, or maybe delusion, that I'll finish each room but I'm hoping for a good start and that I can refocus and finish this summer.  

Here's the schedule: 

March 9-16  Kitchen.
March 17-22 Living Room.
March 23-29 Computer/Craft Room.
March 30-April 5 My Bedroom.
April 6-12. Second Bedroom.
April 13-19 Master Bedroom.

This is likely to make me rather grumpy so I'll need to be praying!!!  There we go-more taking it to the Lord in prayer already.

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