Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Next, the Living Room

and the other part of the dining room since it's an "L" shaped room. 

I've also decided to switch up which rooms are after the living room.  I'm having my brother and sih stay with me for a weekend at the end of the month so that room gets bumped up.  I think it was 5th week and now it's 3rd week.  

Here are the before pics:

This is what I want to get done this week:
Clutter picked up, sorted, and put away.  Really clutter is the bulk of this week.
Dust piano, large shelving unit, lamps, pictures on the wall, and corner shelf.
Vacuum with attention to floor boards.
Perhaps:  sort CDs
Perhaps: get the carpet cleaned before guests arrive.  It really is quite yucky and worn down right now.  It would have to be on a weekday, though, and I'm not thrilled about that.  Most likely it would have to be Tuesday so I need to decide right away and call for an appointment. 

The "perhaps" are because with a choir workshop on Saturday I'm losing the bulk of my work at home day and my prime time to get things done.  I still have late afternoon but don't expect to get as much done.  

Here is a change I made next to the sofa

This little table and very large serving tray were hiding under and behind the dining room table.   I tucked them next to the sofa for a place to put my knitting works in progress as a temporary solution.  I like it as a "for now" solution to the couch being cluttered with knitting. 


  1. I am glad to see your new blog! It's nice, feeling closer to you and your weekly activities. Reading your "thankful" blog always was a nice refreshing highlight to my day. Wow, you have really cleaned up! We've done changes here too. Piano is in the family room, rosewood sideboard is down towards the end of the room, close to the windows, old TV is being taken away tomorrow, new TV coming in. Dan and I assembled a new TV stand. The new TV is Dan's so-well-deserved birthday present. He's such a great man!

  2. I have to agree with you on Dan! I proud he's my brother. I look forward to seeing your changes-maybe my spring break.