Thursday, August 22, 2013

And we can mark Schedule off the list.

Yay, finally had some time when the Assistant Principal was available.  We knocked out that schedule in 30 minutes.  I had already made preliminary groups and she knew just when to schedule for each grade level.  Done.   Now to retype and distribute to teachers.  

I get to cross something off the list!  

From Monday, with items crossed off:
  • Finish putting up bulletin boards including moving assistants over a few inches.
  • Set up speech therapy shelf/area.   
  • Talk with admin about list of screenings.
  • Start arranging K screenings from summer referrals. 
  • Discuss set up of groups, re: timing, avoiding core teaching times
  • Organize groups for next week.  I've been procrastinating because it's going to take a huge chunk of time.   Must be done
  • Organize my speech area in main classroom/office
  • Have duplicate keys made on way home for all locking file cabinets.  I'd like a set for each SLP (2), my assistant, and the principal.  The last for back up.  There were 4 locking file cabinets in the room I've inherited and only one had a key.
  • Set up my speech area.
  • Continue decluttering main classroom/office.
  • Once I know my schedule I need to start scheduling my non-intensive and intervention preschoolers. 
So, the new list:  
  • Start scheduling non-intensive and intervention preschoolers.
  • Set up the speech area (seriously, just do it!)
  • declutter, declutter, declutter
  • make those duplicate keys
  • Organize speech area AND make a plan for Monday's groups.
  • Start arranging K screenings.
  • Finish setting up my calendar with IEP dates and important school dates.  Oh, I need to go get a set of highlighters.  Mine are all dry.
  • Make teachers a copy of their speech students' goals and classroom accommodations with cover letter.  Distribute.  
  • Make teachers a copy of the speech schedule.
  • Oh, yeah, the bulletin boards.   These just keep falling farther and farther down the list.   
Today was setting up my calendar.  I got all but 5 students IEP dates entered.   I can bring home the school dates and my calendar and do those at home this weekend.   And highlight/color code the entries.  

At the beginning of the day I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with one of our interns.    At the end of the day my site's intern came by and I enjoyed another good conversation.   This young woman is teaching me so much about organization.   I told her I was thrilled to be learning from her.   

Time to knit.  I need to get the current clue well underway in my mystery shawl loom along.  I was too tired to knit last night.   Not going to let tonight get too far away from me.   

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