Saturday, August 24, 2013


I was too tired to TGIF yesterday.   I did have dinner with a friend who lives near work. 

Yesterday was pretty much a paperwork day.  My three paperwork tasks were first, finishing with the online IEP manager to make sure that my IEP dates were accurate and matched the paper copies of the document.  Second was to, concurrently with the first task, to enter all IEP dates into my calendar.  My third task was making up teacher packets that included student goals/objectives, classroom accommodations, and a cover letter that included the time and days I would be seeing the student(s) in each teacher's class. 

At the end of the day I completely decluttered my speech area thanks to empty drawers in the file cabinets.  Now I have a daily project to empty one drawer each day and have things truly decluttered rather than hidden.

I'm feeling better now that some of this paperwork is accomplished and that I will start seeing kids on Monday.  

"After" photos of a mostly neatened room:

Tada!  Finally have my tables ready.

This last area will be an ongoing project!  I'm actually thinking
of turning my desk into my assistant's desk and using her
table next to my computer table.   Right now I'm using
a small table.  I'd move the intern's desk to where Assistant's
desk is in this photo which would free up the space in the soft
corner and have all "teachers'" desks less accessible to 
children.  Anything personal of mine in the desk can be
moved to the file cabinet next to the desk. 

The List update:
  • Start scheduling non-intensive and intervention preschoolers.
  • Set up the speech area (seriously, just do it!)
  • declutter, declutter, declutter, ongoing but happy with today's progress
  • make those duplicate keys
  • Organize speech area AND make a plan for Monday's groups.
  • Start arranging K screenings.
  • Finish setting up my calendar with IEP dates and important school dates.  Oh, I need to go get a set of highlighters.  Mine are all dry.
  • Make teachers a copy of their speech students' goals and classroom accommodations with cover letter.  Distribute.  
  • Make teachers a copy of the speech schedule.
  • Oh, yeah, the bulletin boards.   These just keep falling farther and farther down the list.  
For next week:
  • Start scheduling the non-intensive and intervention preschoolers
  • Start screenings from Kindergarten referrals
  • Re-arrange the desks
  •  IEP monthly calendar to post
  • Set up a system to remind teachers when an IEP is due.
  • Adjust two existing bulletin boards over the desks.  
  • See kids!
  • Empty one file drawer/day containing decluttered items
  • Organize file cabinet with articulation and phonology resources
  • Maybe put up one new bulletin board depending on first kids projects for days 1 and 2

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