Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thursday, Friday, Satuday....

Zoom, there went the first week with kids.

It felt like a routine is building and that feels good.   Sadly, I have jury duty next week and probably report on Tuesday.   I'm praying not to get put on a jury.  I have much too much to do!

List update:
  • Start screenings from Kindergarten referrals-It's started, waiting for permission slips
  •  IEP monthly calendar to post-I have no idea what I meant. Finish big calendar for wall w/IEP due dates on it.
  • Set up a system to remind teachers when an IEP is due.
  • Adjust two existing bulletin boards over the desks.  
  • Empty one file drawer/day containing decluttered items-I decided 2 drawer/week is good enough.  Haven't yet done one, sigh.
  • Organize file cabinet with articulation and phonology resources, no progress yet.
  • Maybe put up one new bulletin board depending on first kids projects for days 1 and 2, have done!  
 So, Friday, after my morning student and preschoolers I have my assessment block but no kids to assess yet so I got those K referrals organizes and some permission slips sent out.  Then I put up a bulletin board.   My lone Friday afternoon preschooler showed up and we had a good hour.  I didn't think he would work that long but he did.   Of course, my version of preschool work looks a lot like play.   After he and mom left I put up the last two big bulletin boards.   I have one small one to put up and the one to shift a few inches.   Will try to remember to take photos if I'm in next week.

Today I wrapped up my re-organize the yarn project that I've been working on for 5 weeks.   It was supposed to be a one week project!    Might go take a photo of the closet and might not.   I took a big box and a small bag of yarns to a high school teacher who sponsors a knitting club.   She was so happy that most of the yarns were not pastels.   I have another big box to ship across country to a fellow knitter who says that she and her local knitting friends would love to play with the boucles that I do not like, the goofy novelty yarns that I'm tired of,  and as many of the odds and ends that will fit in the box.  Yay.

Then I have a bag for knitters and quilters at church.  A choir friend knits lap blankets for veterans and the quilters use yarns to tie off some of the quilts they make.  Yay.

Closet, top left

Closet, bottom left

Closet, right side

 Start of re-organizing the yarn project.

The emptied closet:

I have barely had time since Tuesday to knit on my Mystery shawl.  I'm half a clue behind so need to hop to it and knit but here is what I have done.

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