Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting Ready at Work Day 7

Some boxes actually get emptied.

I forgot to take photos again, phooey.   Thursday will be the next time I'm in the classroom.   The morning was a productive one.  I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished today.

Here's the list from yesterday with finished items crossed out:

  • Unpack classroom library into built in library shelf.   
  • Take all assessment materials out of file cabinet and boxes and set them up in an orderly manner in one of the big cupboards.   
  • Get all of the assessment protocols neatly filed and labeled.
  • Finish putting up bulletin boards.
  • Set up desk.
  • Get help with laptop updates that require administrative permissions.  Seriously annoying.
  • Unpack resource materials into the tall bookshelf.  May need to get more magazine display boxes.   Currently $4.99/set of 3 at Target.   Maybe this should be near the top of the priority so I'll know how many of those things to buy.   Hm, should price at Amazon.  Cheaper by 10 cents/holder.   Ordered.   Will be delivered Wednesday.
  • Decide how and where to store preschool materials.   
  • Ask for extra file cabinets to be removed. 
  • Set up speech therapy shelf/area.   
  • Talk with admin about list of screenings.
  • Start arranging K screenings from summer referrals. 
  • Discuss set up of groups, re: timing, avoiding core teaching times.
  • Attend all meetings.  No forgetting. 
Ok, well, now that I've crossed them out it doesn't look so productive.   I unpacked the file boxes except for the assessments as that is a work in progress.   I unpacked my personal classroom library and am probably the only speech/language pathologist for miles and miles around that has a classroom library.  Yay, me.   I emptied the cupboard that will hold our assessments and assembled 18 of those magazine holder boxes.   I unpacked most of the boxes that have resources that go into the tall bookshelf.    When I finished there were 9 boxes outside the door to be disposed of.   

I solved the laptop problem by giving it back.   I have a desktop in my main office/classroom.  I don't need the laptop.  We don't have wifi so a laptop is pretty much just a pretty thing that can more easily be stolen, in my opinion.   Our computer person can reassign it to someone else.  I did tell her what updates it needed that couldn't be done by a recipient.    

And, I attended a special education staff meeting.    We need staff meetings but it's very, very odd that it was scheduled the day before we are officially back on duty.   Weird, but done.

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