Tuesday, August 20, 2013

List? What list?

The day started with a little more helping to direct parents and students to their classrooms.   A lot of kids didn't start yesterday.    I tried to find and print a report for a colleague only to discover that I don't have the necessary permissions.    ?????????   Bumped into our media clerk and told her I'd just e-mailed her.  She came right to the room to investigate.  She solved a couple of my "permissions" problems but couldn't get access to my documents.   So, now there's a "fix it ticket" somewhere in district.  I hope it doesn't take them long.

Then I decided it was time to reconcile the school site list of kids in speech with the IEP software and with the files in the cabinet.   There were a lot of discrepancies between the site list and and the IEP list.   I went up to the office and one of the secretaries helped resolve most of the "missing" kids.   Then I went through the file cabinets to make sure I had files for every student on the other two lists and found three student files for kids who were on neither list.   Two were "no show" students who may yet show up to enroll for this year.   The third moved to another school.  

Since I had my hands in the student files I decided to organize them by grade level.   Much nicer.   Lunch was with 2nd and 3rd grade teachers.    They were happy that I was aware of the kids in their rooms on my caseloads.   A couple mentioned possible screenings and I asked them to wait a couple weeks so I could get my Kinder screenings started and finished before moving on to older kids.

After lunch I met with the colleague who needed the report that I couldn't print, sigh.  I felt bad that she took time to come over but she said she was already between campuses and that it was ok.  Still felt bad! 

Next was to go to the support service office and help my preschool secretary reconcile my files with what the IEP program says as far as type and minutes of services.    I found a couple documents in files that I didn't have and was able to make copies of those.   After we finished I took my files back to school and added them to the happily organized cabinet. 

Having those files back means I have another big job.   For some reason none of the IEP and transition paperwork that I did in April and May got recorded in the IEP program.   Can we guess what I need to do now?   Yep, re-enter everything.   Sigh.   Like I need a hole in my head!   And yes, I cried.   Then I went to my water class.

Now it's time for a little knitting before the evening gets away from me.  


  1. ::sigh::

    Aren't the beginnings of the school year just so much fun?! /sarcasm

  2. lol, yeah. I'm really hoping that after this long slog of a start, unpacking and setting up, that NEXT year's start will be more of a breeze.