Saturday, August 17, 2013

Yes, I went to my classroom on a Saturday

Sigh.   I just can't get enough done, quickly enough.

I took the preschool assessments to my preschool office along with a bucket of soapy water and some paper towels (no sink in that room).    I wiped down the cupboard designated for my use and the cubbie/shelf unit.   Then I emptied all the boxes and stored most of the items in the cupboard.  I put a few of the assessments into the cubbies and the rest on the top shelf in the cupboard.    I pushed the furniture into a better arrangement.   I put up two bulletin boards and forgot to take photos.

After that I went back to my main office/classroom.  I set up the soft corner of the room, opened and emptied another box, and put up one bulletin board.   I did take photos of the still unfinished room.

The list turned out to be overly ambitious:
  • Clean the storage cupboard in the preschool office and stash as much stuff as possible in the cupboard and locking file cabinet so Principal relaxes. 
  • Have duplicate keys made on way home for all locking file cabinets.  I'd like a set for each SLP (2), my assistant, and the principal.  The last for back up.  There were 4 locking file cabinets in the room I've inherited and only one had a key.  Too hot, didn't stop.
  • Bulletin boards in both rooms!   Partial, still need to do more in main office.
  • Clean bulletin board materials off of assistants desk area.   Move her bulletin board over 4 inches so it isn't hidden by the bookshelf.
  • Set up "soft" corner of the room with foam puzzle mats and bean bag chairs.   
  • Set up my speech area.
  • Continue decluttering main classroom/office.  A bit done today.
 Intern's desk and "soft" corner

Office corner with boxes yet to unpack, clutter to clear.

My speech group area, untouched since last photos, 
for the most part.

This area with the big table will be for IEP meetings.
I don't know where the little trapezoid tables will end up.  
Maybe for now under that bulletin board would work.

Assistant's area.  Needs decluttering.

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