Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day Off but not for my Brain

Just can't stop thinking about things that need to be done.  I decided not to go out to school today.  I need to get laundry done so I have clothes to wear to work, wash the dishes, and such.  

I went to Lowe's yesterday late afternoon.   I was pondering over why I can't seem to get my speech area set up and decided that it's because I don't have enough storage.  I like to have the materials for the day on a shelving unit near enough that I can reach it while at the table.   The same unit usually has a box with all the supplies that we need for a group whether it's crayons and scissors or the assessments for the day.  

I found a six cubby storage unit, the kind that takes canvas totes as drawers.   I'm only planning to use the totes in the cubbies that don't have a back.   The rest of them will be perfect for what I need and I can put group binders on the top.  

I also found a laundry basket and hamper that will coordinate with the colors of the puzzle mats in the soft corner.    Now I can get out some of the stuffed animals that live in my room and add them to the soft corner.  

With any luck I'll get up early and get to work early tomorrow and get that unit set up and the area organized.    If I don't there's still the late afternoon to be assembling and then setting up.   Hopefully this will do it and I can get that area of the room set up.

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