Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work! Still getting ready.

Getting ready for kids!

Wednesday was all inservice and almost all day.  I did come back to school to eat my lunch and do some small unpackings.

Today, it feel like a blur, lets see what I remember doing.   Oh, ok, we had our school site staff meeting and I stood up for the first time as one of the site SLPs and explained the screening referral process.   After the meeting I printed out schedules from my preschool years for the new teacher.

I lunched while assembling more magazine storage type boxes for assessments.   Then I caught up on e-mail.   After I finished lunch I revised the screening referral form, had it approved by principal, made a few copies and installed binder of said copies in my box for teachers to find. 

The afternoon was mostly taken up by making a written inventory of the assessments and their sorry state.   I then put them into a spread sheet (yay, me) and sent it off to the director.   We have some holes to plug.  I also asked a respected colleague to look over my inventory and give me her thoughts on keep/pitch and what she would consider a good basic assessment battery.   

While I was working the inventory a team of custodians delivered a desk for my partner SLP, an intern who is taking the 4th and 5th grade caseload.  I'm glad the principal had noticed earlier in the day that she didn't have her own desk and made sure that happened.   Principal also tasked custodial team to remove the file cabinets that were brought in by mistake.  Nice to have those out of the way and now that they're gone I can pull the ugly grey cloth off the wall.  

The inventory took up the rest of the afternoon and I happily came home to leftovers and an evening nap.

No photos.  I really want to pick up the clutter and have "after" photos.  Better get that done tomorrow. 

List check up:
  • Unpack classroom library into built in library shelf.   
  • Take all assessment materials out of file cabinet and boxes and set them up in an orderly manner in one of the big cupboards.   
  • Get all of the assessment protocols neatly filed and labeled.
  • Finish putting up bulletin boards.
  • Set up desk.
  • Get help with laptop updates that require administrative permissions.  Seriously annoying.
  • Unpack resource materials into the tall bookshelf.  May need to get more magazine display boxes.   Currently $4.99/set of 3 at Target.   Maybe this should be near the top of the priority so I'll know how many of those things to buy.   Hm, should price at Amazon.  Cheaper by 10 cents/holder.   Ordered.   Will be delivered Wednesday.
  • Decide how and where to store preschool materials.   
  • Ask for extra file cabinets to be removed. 
  • Set up speech therapy shelf/area.   
  • Talk with admin about list of screenings.
  • Start arranging K screenings from summer referrals. 
  • Discuss set up of groups, re: timing, avoiding core teaching times.
  • Attend all meetings.  No forgetting.
So, it looks like tomorrow's priorities will be:
  •  Taking preschool materials to the my preschool office area.   The new teacher decided not to use an older, beat up looking cubby type shelving unit.  It will be a great shelf for storing some of our materials.   Need to check in on what Principal is providing for locking storage.
  • Organize groups for next week.  I've been procrastinating because it's going to take a huge chunk of time.   Must be done
  • Organize my speech area in main classroom/office
  • Move large bookshelf 6 inches to left, sigh, so partner SLP can access network.  Set up her power cord since it will run behind the shelf.
  • Neaten the room, get rid of the clutter.
Screenings will have to wait until next week for scheduling but that's ok.    Hopefully I'll have time to set up the desk.  In my mind it's under getting rid of clutter.

Ok, enough of all that.   Last day of prep tomorrow then the big show.

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