Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remember Chatty Cathy?

....the doll that talked when you pulled a string?   Well, I felt like that this afternoon!  I worked most of the day of getting to know goals and objectives and setting up some preliminary groups.   I went over to a colleague's room after the kids went home and, boy, was I chatty.   I think maybe I've spent way too much time in my room by myself!

So, today....the list has pretty much gone by the wayside but everything on it still needs to be done!

Today I started printing summaries of each child's goals/objectives.  That quickly led to mini-summaries on little sticky notes.   I put all of the stickies in group by grade level on the inside of an old file folder.   As I printed each summary I noted the date the IEP would be due and the minutes/week of services for each child.    I only did this for the K-3 caseload.  I still need to set up my therapy binders for preschool.

In the middle of that I stopped and went to start an assessment with one of the preschoolers.  Need to figure out what days a few other attend so I can start their assessments for their annual meetings, too.

When I returned to the room I continued my project until lunch.  I'm trying to eat with different grade levels on different days.  It's tricky!  The K teachers have lunch so early!  I might have to skip breakfast once a week and make a point to plan a day to have lunch at K lunch time.

After lunch I looked over all of my sticky notes and within each grade made some preliminary groups.  I may need to combine grades at some point but for now the number of groups doesn't look too bad.   I've asked Principal and AP for a sit down so we can discuss schedule and so I can get some advice about that scheduling.

After my Chatty Cathy episode I returned to my room and assembled the little shelf I bought.   Then I switched it's location with a different shelf.   Now I'm back to needing to work on the clutter, lol!

I took a couple photos today.   Off to upload them and then I'll come back and post.

The two areas I'm most happy with:

All Ms Bee's bee things in one place.  

The soft corner.  It occurred to me while reviewing these 
photos that I have room in the classroom for a separate
play area.  I think I'll move the babies and the pink carpet.

And the two areas that just won't get organized.  I'm going to have to have a big cleaning, filing, setting up push these next two days.   This frustrates me:

But, I have the new little shelf so that will help.   

The office area, looks like I've been at it for a year.

Oh!  The little shelf I assembled:

Now that I see these photos I realize that two of those three file cabinets are empty and I can use them to help organize this area.   Yay.  Two good realizations from looking at photos.

Just because I have been knitting I'm going to post a photo of my current project.  I'm participating in a mystery shawl loom along.  We have 80+ participating and it's so much fun to see everyone's yarn choices turning into pretty shawls.    Here's mine:

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