Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yesterday and Today

First days with Kids.

I realized when I went to bed last night that I forgot to post and almost did it again tonight. 

I've now seen all of my groups, less the non-intensive preschoolers.  I've started getting those kids scheduled.   I'm working on how to approach the Kindergarten screening requests and I think I've prioritized getting through 11 screenings.  I'll send the first 3 parent permissions home tomorrow and then wait 3 days to send the next 3.    Hopefully that spreads them out enough.

Ok, where's that list:
  • Start scheduling the non-intensive and intervention preschoolers
  • Start screenings from Kindergarten referrals-almost started
  • Re-arrange the desks
  •  IEP monthly calendar to post-I have no idea what I meant. 
  • Set up a system to remind teachers when an IEP is due.
  • Adjust two existing bulletin boards over the desks.  
  • See kids!
  • Empty one file drawer/day containing decluttered items-I decided 2 drawer/week is good enough.
  • Organize file cabinet with articulation and phonology resources
  • Maybe put up one new bulletin board depending on first kids projects for days 1 and 2 
We'll see what I can get done the rest of this week.   Still three days to go.  

From a first grader who ran out of blocks but pointed at me:

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