Friday, August 16, 2013


But sadly not TGI-Finished.   I'm finding it very frustrating that I can't seem to get it all done.   There's just so much to get done.   We have open campus tomorrow 8-12 and I'll be there.   sigh

Ok, so today's progress, what did I do.........moved preschool materials out to my preschool office.  Freaked out the principal who thought I was putting everything on the shelves.   No, just dumping boxes.  Haven't done a thing setting up in that room.   Principal is concerned that because my office is in a room shared with the after school program that my materials will be rummaged through or broken.  I understand her concern and just haven't taken the time to put things away.

Unpacked desk boxes.  Shared out some supplies with intern (district, not mine) so she'd have something to start with as neither of us has submitted a supplies request.   Not like I don't have anything.  I'm pretty well stocked.

Took everything out of the tall book shelf and moved it over 4 inches so Intern could have network connection for her computer.   Hooked up her power cord and internet connection.

Emptied my assessment boxes and sorted everything to take over to the preschool room.   I really need a low bookshelf in there.    Boxed up expired assessment to take to Support Service office on Monday. I broke down the bankers boxes I purchased for the move and stored them in a cupboard.  

Hauled all my preschool files to the Support Services office so they can figure out what paperwork they are missing.   Big snafu, causing me a fair amount of stress, offered to help go through files and match them up.

More happened but I'm not remembering.   List check:
  • Unpack classroom library into built in library shelf.   
  • Take all assessment materials out of file cabinet and boxes and set them up in an orderly manner in one of the big cupboards.   
  • Get all of the assessment protocols neatly filed and labeled.
  • Finish putting up bulletin boards.
  • Set up desk.
  • Get help with laptop updates that require administrative permissions.  Seriously annoying.
  • Unpack resource materials into the tall bookshelf. 
  • Decide how and where to store preschool materials.   
  • Ask for extra file cabinets to be removed. 
  • Set up speech therapy shelf/area.   
  • Talk with admin about list of screenings.
  • Start arranging K screenings from summer referrals. 
  • Discuss set up of groups, re: timing, avoiding core teaching times.
  • Attend all meetings.  No forgetting.
So, it looks like tomorrow's priorities will be:
  • Taking preschool materials to the my preschool office area.   The new teacher decided not to use an older, beat up looking cubby type shelving unit.  It will be a great shelf for storing some of our materials.   Need to check in on what Principal is providing for locking storage.
  • Organize groups for next week.  I've been procrastinating because it's going to take a huge chunk of time.   Must be done
  • Organize my speech area in main classroom/office
  • Move large bookshelf 6 inches to left, sigh, so partner SLP can access network.  Set up her power cord since it will run behind the shelf.
  • Neaten the room, get rid of the clutter, partial success

For Saturday:
  • Clean the storage cupboard in the preschool office and stash as much stuff as possible in the cupboard and locking file cabinet so Principal relaxes. 
  • Have duplicate keys made on way home for all locking file cabinets.  I'd like a set for each SLP (2), my assistant, and the principal.  The last for back up.  There were 4 locking file cabinets in the room I've inherited and only one had a key.
  • Bulletin boards in both rooms!  
  • Clean bulletin board materials off of assistants desk area.   Move her bulletin board over 4 inches so it isn't hidden by the bookshelf.
  • Set up "soft" corner of the room with foam puzzle mats and bean bag chairs.   
  • Set up my speech area.
  • Continue decluttering main classroom/office.
 For Sunday/Monday: 
  • Talk with admin about list of screenings.
  • Start arranging K screenings from summer referrals. 
  • Discuss set up of groups, re: timing, avoiding core teaching times.

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